Happenings this afternoon at the Democratic National Convention and Fox News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal was there to let us know.  She spoke with us on the Afternoon Drive Home and mentioned the platform change that has taken place.

The platform originally took out references to Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel and any reference to God.  Today, they decided to put them back in and got an interesting response from delegates.  Rosenthal said,

They asked the delegates here to include God and the fact that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel into the platform.  And the chair here had to ask the group three times to approve that by a two thirds vote because everybody kept saying no and booing.  It was actually pretty dramatic to hear all these folks here saying no they don't want to update the platform to say God and Jerusalem.

Rosenthal went on to say that the issue is likely not to go away.

She also talked about how effective Michelle Obama's speech was on the first night of the convention and how people are looking forward to Bill Clinton speaking tonight.

Check out the entire interview with Jessica Rosenthal below: