Lafayette has cut off certain fire protection services for the city of Broussard.

Every year, Broussard's Fire Department enters into a $40,000 contract with Lafayette Consolidated Government to provide the protection to the unincorporated areas of that city. Two separate $20,000 contracts are required to be signed. The first contract for $20,000 was signed in January of 2012 while details of the new risk management policy were worked out. But the second contract for the remaining $20,000 that was supposed to be signed this week has not been. Broussard Fire Chief Bryan Champagne says he was told by Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit that Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel will not sign the contract.

Meanwhile, according to Broussard authorities, contracts for the fire departments in Youngsville, Milton, Judice, Duson, Carencro and Scott are with Lafayette Consolidated Government and are slated for funding next week.

"Regardless of the presence of a contract, the City of Broussard will continue to respond to every call and provide fire protection services to people in the unincorporated areas," said Fire Chief, Bryan Champagne.

"We cannot continue to play games with public safety and put citizens in the unincorporated areas at risk. The City of Broussard will continue responding as long as it can, but the City of Lafayette's refusal to sign this contract will eventually lead to less fire protection in the unincorporated areas," said Amy Jones, spokesperson for the City of Broussard.  "The State Fire Marshall has included language that should satisfy the risk management requirements for Lafayette Consolidated Government.  That contract should be signed and the funds released for the protection of Lafayette Parish citizens." She says this is "necessary funding to provide fire services in the unincorporated areas of Broussard."