The national Click It or Ticket campaign starts today.

This national campaign calls for increased emphasis on enforcement of required seat belt restraints. Louisiana law states that anyone in a vehicle need to be properly restrained no matter what the situation.

Unfortunately, Louisiana motorists don't always adhere to this law and only three out of four motorists actually buckle up each tome they drive. This is less than the national average, which is somewhere around 84% while Louisiana sits with 74.8%.

Some police organizations, such as the Louisiana State Troop D, have even been allocated a certain amount of overtime hours in order to allow for the troopers to search for violators of the law.

So far this year, Troop D, which covers areas in Calcasieu, Cameron, Allen, Jeff Davis, and Beauregard have investigated nine accidents that have resulted in someone's death due to not being restrained.

The Click It Or Ticket campaign ends on June 3rd.