Congressman John Fleming called in to Mornings with Ken and Bernie today and talked about the lame duck session that Congress is in the middle of and how he feels that they need to move to avoid the fiscal cliff that has been discussed in the news in recent days.

Congressman Fleming said he thinks that Congress will do a small extension,

What we'll probably do is just push the deadlines back.  I know that is sort of like kissing your sister.  Unfortunately, that kind of the way Washington's been working, we just govern by increment.

He went on to say of making a deal,

A big deal or resolution, which may last as much as a year, will probably take well into January.

Fleming said that a tax increase to the levels that President Obama wants would only fund the government for around a week in addition to what it would do now.

Fleming talked about reforming spending and mentioned that it would take looking at entitlements and finding a way to reform things.  He also talked about the impact of Obamacare on business.  He predicted that the medical device industry would end up moving overseas because of the new regulations.

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