fiscal cliff

Fiscal Cliff Deal Made But It Seems Like Few Are Happy
It could be said that Congress and the President made a deal at the eleventh hour, but it was actually made after we went over the cliff.  Still, the bill passed both houses of Congress and the President is set to sign it, even though he is back in Hawaii with his family...
‘Fiscal Cliff’ Simplified
When the news comes on and they start to discuss the "Fiscal Cliff" and the "Debt Ceiling", do you find yourself getting confused?
Fiscal Cliff – Boehner And Obama Speak
Both Speaker John Boehner and President Obama have spoken about the negotiations and things are getting strange.  First off, the speaker, who said that the President could sign the bill that they will pass or be responsible for the largest tax increase in history...
Congressman Jeff Landry Talks Fiscal Cliff
Congress has been called back to Washington and we keep hearing about the fiscal cliff.  But is it something to be worried about?  Congressman Jeff Landry joined us on the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about his perspective about the issue...

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