KPEL's Jeremy Lawrence chats with Congressman Jeff Landry about today's meeting with federal drilling regulators concerning the slow pace of issuing permits to drill in the Gulf. They also discuss Presidential politics as well.

As mentioned in the interview, Senator David Vitter was at the meeting as well. This is what he had to say:

"Unfortunately we just got the same old company line today that they’re working on extending leases and granting permits," said Vitter. "This just adds to the frustration, especially as we’ve seen 14 rigs leave the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve been very clear about my concerns with the Interior Department’s pace of permitting and its growing regulatory authority, and I will continue pushing to open up the Gulf of Mexico and create more jobs."

Sen. Vitter is currently blocking the nomination of Rebecca Wodder to serve as Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks for the Department of Interior until the agency extends hundreds of Gulf of Mexico drilling leases that are set to expire this year.


(Photo courtesy of Sen. David Vitter's Office)