It was a rare honor to have in our studio 4 members of Congress to talk about the way forward from the 2012 election.  Joining us on the Afternoon Drive Home were Jim Jordan of Ohio, Tom Graves of Georgia, and Mick Mulvaney and Jeff Duncan, both of South Carolina.

Jordan talked about putting in a framework that sticks with the founding principles of this nation.  He talked about cutting spending and putting in policies that promote growth.  The realities of things include that government is divided between Republicans and Democrats, so we asked if compromise was a part of how things work from here.  Congressman Mulvaney said,

Compromise has turned into a bad word.  I look in terms of finding common ground...The question is, can you find a place where your conservative principles overlap with someone elses.  There is always going to be continued opportunity to do that.  The real question is, 'Is the President going to even participate in the process?'

He added that you need to stick with your principles in the midst of the process.

Congressman Graves added that there is a need to find people that are willing to fight for what they believe in Congress.  All of the Congressmen agreed that compromise is what got us to where we are with the debt, and other policies that are now coming to a head.

They also agreed that we need to keep the debt ceiling from increasing more.  Jordan mentioned that a lot of the deal that raised the debt ceiling is being pushed aside, and that most of what was given to us was just more debt.

Hear the entire conversation below: