The convention has been interesting to watch.  From videos proclaiming that we all belong to the government, to 4.5 million jobs that were or weren't created to the platform fiasco, Democrats have had a lot of things to be afraid of at the convention already.

Now, they have decided to move Barack Obama's big speech indoors because they are afraid of rain at Bank of America Stadium.  That would mean that the speech will be attended by up to 20,000 people rather than 74,000 people.  Apparently, Democrats seem to think that they are all going to melt if they sit in the rain listening to their leader.  One area weather forecaster had an interesting take on Twitter about the move.  Actually, the truth is far more transparent.

The real reason for the move of the speech inside is that Democrats don't want people to see that they can't fill a stadium for Barack Obama.  4 years ago, there was excitement, Greek columns and 80,000 people that wanted to see who this Obama guy was.  Now, those same people just don't want to bother.  They are instead bothered by the broken promises and things that didn't happen that Obama said he would get done.  They would rather not turn out for another spectacle, which is likely what would have happened had the Democrats moved forward with their plans to hail Obama at a stadium that will now see more cheering for their Carolina Panthers than the President will ever see there.

Democrats desperately don't want to look bad.  That's why you hear that they are simply looking out for people that would possibly, maybe, but then again maybe not, get wet.  That's why you won't hear about how there has actually been a net job loss under Obama.  That's why you wont hear about the $16 trillion debt that just hit that magic number as Democrats got together for this convention.

In the end, the media will largely ignore the obvious to try and get us to believe that things aren't as bad as they are, but there is only so much of saying "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" before people get the idea that something fishy is going on.

Democrats are looking bad at their convention.  Sometimes they are doing their best to hide it well, but it is there and they have to be afraid that people will notice.