Dr. John Sutherlin , Political Science Professor at U-L Monroe, joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" to talk about the election results from Saturday evening.  He says the few run-off elections to be held November 19th might have some fireworks and mudslinging.

Overall statewide, Dr. Sutherlin says he was not really surprised the Governor Bobby Jindal was re-elected, but was surprised that Tom Schedler had such an easy time getting re-elected.  On State Senate and State Representative races, Sutherlin says "get ready for some mud throwing".

State Representative Rickey Hardy, the incumbent in District 44, will be in a run-off race with Vincent Pierre, nephew of former State Representative Wilfred Pierre.  Sutherlin says he expects both to run very intense campaigns from this point forward.

Dr. Sutherlin says he expects some real mudslinging in the ongoing campaign between Elbert Lee Guillory, the incumbent from State Senate District 24, and challenger Don Cravins, who once represented constituents in the Louisiana Legislature. 

Another race that will prove to be very interesting in Dr. Sutherlin's opinion is the run-off race between Don Menard, a Republican, and Stephen Ortego, a Democrat, for the State Representative's seat in District 39.  Sutherlin says it will be Republican against Democrat, and he expects that contest will be a hot one.