On 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Lafayette Consolidated President Joey Durel praised Apache's compressed natural gas facility opening this week.  Durel said the opening could spur other businesses to open similar CNG stations across the city and parish.

According to Durel the opening of the Apache station coincides with the planned opening of a facility being built by Consolidated Government.  Durel said,

"That makes two facilities that are available, so the idea is that the infrastructure being developed for us as consumers to say it is worth getting our cars converted or buying cars that will be CNG powered."

Durel said at present CNG may not be ideal for long distance travel but for local fleets this will be a cost effective once more facilities become available locally.

According to Durel Lafayette is one of only two citites to participate in US Ignite, a fiber-optic internet intiative to connect 'next generation' communications.  Durel said this is a big deal and Lafayette is included because of LUS Fiber.

The UL Horse Farm ordinance was recently signed by Durel and the contract will be signed on July 28th, 2012 and the check for the purchase of the Farm will be presented to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette at that time.

Listen to the interview: