Current Lafayette School Board member Erick Knezek spoke with Brandon and Bernie on Acadiana's Morning News about his decision to run for the congressional seat formerly held by Charles Boustany and his goals should he win the seat.

Knezek says his desire to run is rooted in his time as a member of the Lafayette Parish School Board

I loved my time on the school board and it showed me that we have a lot of opportunities to solve problems. My time on the schoolboard demonstrated the leadership skills that I think our nation needs on a higher level.
Knezek briefly listed the experiences he feels qualify him for the congressional seat
I had the opportunity to go to the US Naval Academy after graduating from Lafayette High School. I served in the US Navy Seabees and then became a deep sea diver and did a lot of anti-terrorist work during my Naval term. I saw an opportunity to go into business providing ocean engineering solutions for the Navy, went into business in 2004 and had opportunity to build a business and provide jobs and then, most recently, served in the school board.

Knezek outlined his goals if elected

I want to restore the American dream. The only reason I went to college is because I had the opportunity to earn a scholarship, and education provided me with opportunities. Military service taught me how to serve and how to lead, running a business taught me how to generate jobs and security for families. When you think about those issues, that’s what Americans are worried about. When kids grow up, they don’t dream about being on welfare one day. That’s not the American dream. The American dream is not worrying about being employed or being afraid of going to the movie theater. There are so many things fundamental to restoring the American dream. I really think that’s the theme, it means something to be American, we want to have jobs, feel safe, help our fellow man, serve our community. That’s my main focus: I want to restore the American dream.

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