42-year-old William Bouvay Jr. is accused of using a cell phone that police say was traced to him to call in the bomb threat on September 17. The campus was evacuated that day, causing traffic lockups all over Baton Rouge.

While the federal charge, one count of willfully conveying false information concerning the attempt to destroy property by means of explosives, is being dropped, the potentially stiffer state charge is still in play.

US Attorney Don Cazayoux says since a conviction on the state charge, communicating false information of a planned bombing on school property, would give Bouvay a stiffer sentence, he's reserving federal prosecutorial resources, and letting the state handle him.

Bouvay is expected to be charged as a habitual offender. If convicted, he could get a mandatory 13-year, 4-month minimum sentence to a 40-year maximum sentence. The federal charge carried a 10-year sentence. His trial is scheduled for December.