An ex-Police Chief accused of stealing from a retail store in Lafayette Parish is now in deeper trouble. Trooper Stephen Hammons with State Police says last month authorities were told that Robert Moreau, then the police chief of Turkey Creek, was taking store items from the shelves and leaving without paying for them and without permission. And they say he was doing so while wearing his uniform. Hammons says after looking into the complaint and gathering evidence, authorities arrested him in Evangeline Parish and transported him to Lafayette Parish. Now, detectives have found that Moreau would take the stolen items back to the store and get a store gift card for the amount. Then, he would use the gift card to buy other items. Hammons says troopers searched his home and found over 7,500 rounds of ammunition, 3 guns, and various other items. Moreau remains in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. The case is still under investigation. Additional charges are expected.