Youngsville City Councilman Ken Ritter visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss construction of the Youngsville Sports Complex, downtown development progress and city planning.

According to Ritter,

Downtown Youngsville is off to a great start.  If you drive down Church Street in Youngsville today you'll see plenty of orange netting, plenty of orange cones.  What we're doing there is a pretty thorough job of revitalizing the area.  We're doing a complete asphalt overlay.  We're planting 75 trees.  We're doing landscaping, irrigation and setting up parallel parking along the street.  What we're really trying to do and I'm most hopeful of, this investment will help to bridge the newer part of the community with the original area of the city.

Ritter went on to say,

The goal of this is really to get people to see that there is more to Youngsville than the Copperfields and Copper Meadows sub-divisions.

We noted that the Youngsville Sports Complex construction seemed to be progressing quite well and Ritter replied,

You're absolutely right.  If you haven't driven by there recently I invite you to do so...You'll see more vertical structures going into places.  Light poles will be going in soon.  Foundations for baseball dugouts are going in.  Structures for netting for some sports are going in.  We're on projection.  We expect this to be completed mid to late December of this year.

Ritter had more to say about the sports complex and planning for future growth in this interview: