The Lafayette Police Department has arrested 50-year-old Scott L. Barnes for allegedly robbing three Lafayette businesses this month and last month.

Police say it was Barnes who walked in the Bertrand location of the Dollar General Store on January 16 and demanded money from the workers.

He didn't show them a weapon, but police say he gave the workers the impression that he did have a weapon by keeping his left hand inside of his sweat shirt.

Police say Barnes did a similar thing when he demanded money from employees at the Pinhook location of Style America to days later on Jaunary 18,

About a month later, on February 22, police say Barnes went into a dry cleaning business on Johnston Street hold his left arm under his clothes, like he was armed.

While Barnes was arrested on the robbery charges, he is also alleged to have forged checks of a former emploer.

Police allege that Barnes forged some checks, and thus he was arrested and booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on that charge too.