Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' local bicycling enthusiast Phil Barnidge joined our discussion about Lance Armstrong's doping admission.  In response to our question about the harm Armstrong has done to the sport Barnidge replied,

I think he did in the long term bring a lot of awareness to the sport.  Got a lot of people interested.  People may be disappointed with him but not the sport.

According to Barnidge,

His level of defiance is what seems to be upsetting fans the most.  Oprah said that for yesterday's interview he came ready.  That has been the story of his life.  He's always been prepared for every event.  He has always been calculating and always in control.

We asked if it's possible Armstrong could have dominated the sport of cycling without doing anything illegal and Barnidge said,

There will always be people that are genetically gifted.  It's the rest of us mortals that have to strive to be mediocre.  Armstrong's body is perfectly genetically crafted for cycling.  He is the perfect form for a cyclist with longer limbs and overdeveloped lungs.

Listen to the interview: