It seems like every month or so there is a story in the news about methods for carrying out death penalties.

This week the Louisiana House approved a measure that would allow
Angola to use out of state pharmacies to provide drugs for lethal injections. Rep. Joe Lopinto said since we're having trouble get the drugs to carry out death sentences we should be able to turn to neighboring states for the compounds. His bill has provision that would let the pharmacies remain anonymous.

Last week Missouri death row inmate Russell Bucklew's lawyers argued that he should not be executed due to a physical condition that would cause the drugs used to execute him would cause him undue pain and suffering. WTH!!!!!

Pharmacies having to remain anonymous to prevent death threats and killers demand that we not make them cry while making them pay for their crimes. This is getting out of hand! Russell Bucklew had been on death row for more than 18 years for raping and beating an ex-girlfriend and killing her then live-in boyfriend. Obviously Bucklew didn't worry about pain and suffering of his victims but now wants mercy due a medical condition. What hogwash!

When a person is found guilty beyond a shadow of doubt by a jury of his peers and sits for 18 years waiting for execution that might give closure to the families of his victims I think no mercy should be shown. If he is granted a stay because of this 'medical condition' and how it will discomfort him during death I think the state should give him an alternate choice, bullet, electric, chair, hanging or guillotine. Russell Bucklew and those of his ilk make me sick. They're all tough guys until the moment they get the chance to prove how tough they are.

I'll admit that some mistakes have been made where innocent people have languished on death row for decades before being exonerated but people like Russell Bucklew will never be exonerated and the courts should discontinue the waste of valuable court time with cases like his.

It's been said before but it's time to 'Stop the Madness'. Execute people even if they will cry.