Jerry Jacobs of the Louisiana Marijuana Party joined Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin yesterday on 'Go Acadiana' to discuss the ongoing voter registration drive.

When asked what was the purpose of having 1,000 voters register as members of the Louisiana Marijuana Party Jacobs said,

Once the party is recognized by the Secretary of State of Louisiana it means that any candidate who runs affiliated with that party will have the name of the party and the symbol on the ballot, anything printed and as well as when a voter goes into the voting both instead of seeing 'Jerry Jacobs no party' they will see 'Jerry Jacobs Marijuana Party'.

Dr. Sutherlin asked Jacobs to detail some of the opposition he has faced in the drive to register voters as members of the Marijuana Party. According to Jacobs,

I've had some people tell me they were afraid that the government would come after them. It's as simple as that. I realize that we have freedom of speech in this country but people fear the present government, both state and federal in terms of expressing one's opinion on a movement, party of position that is out of the ordinary.

To get more information you can visit the Louisiana Marijuana Party's website.

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