A bill that would ban certain convicted sex offenders from using social network sites is now on its way to the Louisiana Senate floor after passing a state Senate committee.

Opelousas Rep. Ledricka Thierry says her legislation gives teeth to policies already in place concerning sex offenders and sites like Facebook.

"Facebook has a policy in place that prohibits sex offenders from being on their websites, but without a state law to enforce that, there is no way for us to ensure that our Louisiana residents are protected from those individuals."

The ban would apply to anyone convicted of a sex offense against a minor or of video voyeurism.


Marc Fruge, a convicted sex offender, spoke in opposition to the bill. He says it will infringe on his right to free speech--even in situations where minors are not involved.

"If I use Facebook to socialize with my 25-year-old brother, I'm not trying to contact a minor. If I try to leave a comment on the governor's Facebook page, I'm not trying to socialize with a minor. Where in the right to free speech should that be taken away."

Fruge says he was a victim of a minor enticing an adult into contact. You can listen to his interview on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" right HERE. He says lawmakers should look into inappropriate use of social websites by young people.