We all know just how much time it takes to keep up with Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  But how do you spend what little time you have in the best way possible to share what you need to do with your connections in social media.  Jaci Russo stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about ways to do just that.  Russo said that you need to take a little time to set up some of the tools that you have available online, including Google Reader and Google Alerts.   Russo suggested an app that she feels everyone would benefit from downloading.

Zite is a great tool, it's on the iPad and it allows you by keyword to call all of these articles that are out there and have them brought to you and waiting.

Russo suggested that you can then read the articles that interest you and your business when you get a moment, whether it be when you are sitting in a waiting room or watching TV later in the day.  She suggested that things that interest you the most can be shared right when you see it so that more people will be able to keep up with you and your expertise in your business.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: