Just when you thought you heard it all about the social media sites, one might be making a return.  MySpace had been figured to be one for the history books, but then something strange happened.  Justin Timberlake got involved in repurposing the site and turning it into a haven for musicians.  At least that is the transformation set to take place and Jaci Russo came by to talk about it on the Afternoon Drive Home.

MySpace was the granddaddy of all of the social media sites and it came on quickly, but then got quickly overtaken by Facebook.  Many thought it would be huge and instead, it went down and down fast.  When it was sold to a group led by Timberlake, the idea was that they would take it to a place that specialized the site.

Russo said that this illustrates a great principle for business that MySpace is following with it's new model,

It really will change social media...and if MySpace continues down the path that it's on, and really does stay the cool, interesting place for music that I think it will, I think we'll see more and more social media becoming very pigeon-holed and compartmentalized.

If you want to check out the new interface, it isn't out yet, but Jaci Russo has a preview video on her site, to show you what is to come.

Also click below to listen to the entire interview: