With the 2017 NFL Draft now just one day away, let’s take a look at another player the Saints may possibly select with the 11th overall pick, Michigan defensive end Vidauntae "Taco" Charlton.

The Saints, who have an obvious need for an edge pass rusher, have been linked to Tennessee defensive end Barnett, who we spotlighted yesterday, in a number of mock drafts over the past couple of months.

But what if Barnett is gone? And what if Ohio St. cornerback Marshon Lattimore is also taken with one of the first ten picks?

Keep it mind, Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, and Ohio St. cornerback Gareon Conley, two other players that have been linked to the Saints, have recently had some off the field issues.

Foster, who was sent home from the combine, after getting into an argument with a hospital worker during medical checks, prior to testing positive for a diluted urine sample, which he said was a result of excessive water intake while he was trying to get over an illness, while Conley has been accused by a woman of raping her in a Cleveland hotel earlier this month.

So, what will the Saints do if Barnett and Lattimore are off the board, and they don't want to touch Foster or Conley?

Do they do what some people would consider a little bit of a reach, and take Charlton?

Now, obviously, nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow night, and few know if the Saints are interested in Charlton, or any of the other players listed.

You would figure the Saints will take a pass rusher with one of their first three picks (11, 32, and 42) however, and if Barnett is gone, then Charlton may very well be a possibility.

A native of Pickerington, Ohio, Charlton, crossed the state line and signed with Michigan, where he accumulated 10 sacks as a senior, after totaling 8.5 as a junior, and 5.5 as a sophomore.

He's 22-years old, and played four years of college football, but he's still a little raw, starting fulltime for only one season at Michigan.

The 6-foot-6, 277-pound Charlton had a great senior season with the Wolverines however, being tabbed a First Team All-Big Ten selection in 2016.

A terrific athlete, Charlton has the power and speed that many think will make him a quality pass rusher in the NFL, while possessing the length on his frame that may help him play the run better, in time.

The negatives attributed to Charlton are that he is vulnerable against the run, and was inconsistent at Michigan, even in his final campaign.

There's no question that Charlton is a great athlete, who has the skill-set to be a pass rusher that teams can rely upon to get to the quarterback on a consistent basis, so he should be a first round pick.

The question is; Do the Saints think enough of him to take him with the 11th pick if some of the other more highly rated defensive players are off the board?

It's possible the Saints may answer that very question tomorrow night.

Take a look at Charlton, in a highlight package, below: