A moving video tribute to New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints has been created by the NFL. The four-minute video features New Orleans baker-turned-actor Dwight Henry, the New Orleans native who stars in the film "Beasts of the Southern Wild," which has been nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress,  Best Director,  and Best Adapted Screenplay.

The video features footage of New Orleans Saints fans watching as Tracy Porter scored the touchdown that ultimately won the team its first Super Bowl victory. Henry, who owns and operates The Buttermilk Drop Bakery and Cafe in New Orleans (as well as a bakery featuring his name and buttermilk drops soon to open in Harlem) welcomes fans of both the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens to New Orleans, encouraging them to celebrate heartily and telling them that "he loves" them.

Visit NFL.com to view the video and read an opinion piece by KPEL's Jeremy Lawrence, offering his take on why New Orleans in the perfect city to host The Super Bowl.