Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo

This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming joined Dr. John Sutherlin and Ken Romero to discuss among other things:

  • Scope rash and cuts
  • Slugs versus upland game loads
  • Violent death statistics
  • Stupid gun laws
  • Gun seizures

As we always start the show with safety tips Fleming said,

When you're firing a gun you should always be aware that there are moving parts and recoil. If you have to get so close to your scope that the recoil causes a cut around or above your eye your scope is adjusted wrong. Slides come back on semi-automatic hand guns. On revolvers heat is exited through the sides.

Fleming is often asked about home defense and according to Fleming,

Some people say they prefer solid slugs instead of buckshot in their shotguns but a slug will penetrate a home invader and a wall behind him and maybe another way. Much safer to use something like Number 4 upland game loads. You can do heavy damage to a person without injuring someone in the next room.

Each week we seem to hear more news stories about businesses wanting customers to leave their guns at home. This week a Georgia business decided to reverse their policy. Glenn noted,

T-Bonz Steakhouse in Augusta, Georgia put a 'no guns' sign on their front door and customers let the restaurant know they would take their business elsewhere and T-Bonz backpedaled and removed the sign.


To hear what Glenn had to say about our other topics click on the blue arrow below to hear the entire show:

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