The Alleman family from Rayne, LA is currently seeking a bone marrow donor for their daughter, Anais, recently diagnosed with Leukemia and AML.

I ran across a post from one of Anais' former teachers reaching out to the Ellen Degeneres Show and I couldn't help but share her story in hopes that we can all come together to get this family the help they need.

According to the post by Dana Griffin Nugent, Anais (pictured on the right) and her sister Chloe were both adopted from Vietnam. Anais is currently facing a recent diagnosis of Leukemia and AML and her ethnicity makes finding a bone marrow donor "extremely difficult."

This type of bone marrow transplant is literally a life saver for Anais and others who face the same diagnosis. In short, the more people we touch with her story, the better her chances are of locating a donor of Asian descent.


Ellen, this is the Alleman family from Rayne, Louisiana. The two young girls are my former students at Rayne Catholic Elementary, Chloe and Anais. Both were adopted from Vietnam and are fun loving, smart, kind, and just beautiful girls. Anais, pictured on the right recently turned 16. She was also recently diagnosed with Leukemia and AML. Because of her ethnicity, finding a bone marrow donor will be extremely difficult. We are desperately trying to reach out to those of Asian descent to please register at the bone marrow registry so that this family may find that one special person that could possibly save Anais. This hard working family needs support in every way and our school and community is desperate to find her as much help as possible. Please help us by telling the world how important bone marrow donation is, especially for those of different ethnicities. Please help us show this family love and support. thank you.

Please share Anais' story and also share this post on Facebook—who knows, Ellen may see it and increase this family's chances of finding the donor they are in desperate need of.

We will keep you updated, and hopefully we will share some positive news soon.

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