Senator David Vitter joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today and voiced his displeasure with the Obama Administration in regards to the BP spill and ensuing moratorium.  In his remarks he noted "on the environmental side I think actually our recovery has gone much quicker than anyone would have guessed".   Even though some problems remain Vitter said "there were predictions of huge dead-zones that would exist for years and years" that have not occurred.

The Senator went on to say the economic impact has been much worse than the environmental impact due to the drilling moratorium imposed by the Obama Administration.   Vitter said drilling is 40% below pre-disaster levels which continues to effect the economy and national security.

We asked Senator Vitter what he thought about the president's comments that speculators were responsible for increasing gas prices and he said "that's more 'political dancing' and distraction from the real issue".  "Speculation maybe a problem at the margin but I don't think it's the core problem driving up the price of oil".



Listen to the interview with Senator David Vitter: