Elbert Lee Guillory, KPEL photo

State Senator Elbert Guillory recently visited 'Go Acadiana with Dr. John Sutherlin and Ken Romero' to discuss 'cost of living' increases for retirees.

In this legislative session there are no less than four 'cost of living' raises being proposed for retirees. According to Guillory,

One for the teachers retirement system, one for the retired school workers system,one for state police and the other for state workers.

We asked Guillory why all of these systems were being considered at one time and he said,

They have not received cost of living adjustments for six years...Because of inflation their buying power has diminished.

When asked what the amount of the raises would be Guillory replied,

It should be just under two percent.

To hear the entire conversation with Senator Guillory click on the blue arrow below: