As we look ahead to 2013, it is important to know what is going to happen in social media if you are trying to build a brand.  Jaci Russo stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about where things are going.  One thing that Russo said is that Google+ may be building a bigger audience next year.

I'm watching Google integrate their apps more fully.  Really getting people using docs, Google drive, all the different storage apps.  You've got a situation where they are ingraining people more into the Google suite of products.  Situation where Androids are coming on stronger, bigger and faster and I think we will see an increase in their usage next year.

Russo reminded everyone that they predicted Pinterest would get big and it has over the course of 2012.

Russo commented that so many people are using their laptops or smartphone while they are also watching TV.  She said that would increase and that you would see more people integrating what they are watching with what they are doing online, including areas like buying things.

So what does it mean for you when you are branding your business?  Russo said that the best tip is to make sure that everyone in your company knows what you are wanting to say and how you want to say it in social media since more and more people are online at those sites.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: