I had the honor and privilege of doing mission work years ago in General Cepeda, Mexico. While there, our group visited the city of Saltillo, which was not too far away.  The city, considered "The Detroit of Mexico" because of its importance to the auto industry, is also now home to a priest with a "super" way of reaching his parishioners: he incorporates super-heroes into his preaching and on his priestly garb.

According to ComicBookResources.com, Fr. Humberto Alvarez, 40, wears chasubles (the outer garment worn by a Catholic priest) featuring images of comic book superheroes like Superman, The Batman, and Spider-Man because he speaks to his parish community "about attitudes of struggle and effort to achieve overcome fears, find peace and forgiveness.” He also uses a water gun filled with holy water to bless his parishioners after a series of fatal shootings in Saltillo, using the image of a gun as a symbol of peace and forgiveness and blessings.

Fr. Alvarez's unorthodox approach has succeeded, gathering both young and old to his Masses. Though some criticize his style, Fr. Alvarez is adamant to use what some consider unusual tactics to reach out to his churchgoers, stating that “Jesus was different and always sought justice, we must follow his example.”

To read more and to see images of Fr. Alvarez and his congregation, click here to be taken to LaInformacion, the Saltillo magazine that originally interviewed Fr. Alvarez. Then, let us know what you think on Facebook!