A recently released report indicates Lafayette's SafeLight/SafeSpeed programs are working very well.  Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Lafayette Consolidated Government's Traffic and Transportation Director Tony Tramel explained that the programs are working better than expected with reductions in rear-end crashes as well as right angle crashes.

According to Tramel,

"Looking at GPS coordinates of crashes we have a significant reduction of crashes when the before figures are compared to the after figures.   Overall total crashes in the "before" period were 357 and in the "after" period 141."

In addition Tramel said,

"Right angle crashes went from 142 to 78.  Even rear-end crashes went from 127 to 40 crashes.  As a traffic engineer if I can have a 5 percent reduction in traffic crashes at a location I feel really good.  To hear things like 50 or 60 percent is unbelievable."

You can listen to the entire interview: