****The following video was created by US Senate candidate Troy Hebert. It was not created by, nor endorsed by KPEL 96.5 or Townsquare Media. These are his views only. We are covering this piece as part of our ongoing coverage of the US Senate race.

Tonight's US Senate debate to air on Louisiana Public Broadcasting will feature only five of the twenty-four registered candidates.

The Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL) is joining LPB is presenting tonight's debate.

The criteria developed by LPB and CABL to determine who would be eligible for the debate, is that they must have raised a million dollars in campaign money, and they must have reached five percent in a recognized poll.

Former State Senator Troy Hebert went to court to try to get into the debate. A judge in Baton Rouge ruled against Hebert and two other candidates who jumped into the lawsuit before it was heard.

Hebert contended that since Louisiana Public Broadcasting is taxpayer funded that no candidates should have been excluded.

Hebert, in response to not being in tonight's debate, has responded on you tube.