LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- After two days of voting, students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have voted to impose a self-assessed fee to fund the university's master plan.

2,850 ballots were cast on the university's ULink student portal. The final tally was 1,537 for to 1,313 against or 54 percent for to 46 percent against.

The plan will institute a fee of $7.50 per credit hour up to a maximum of 15 credit hours. The fee is expected to generate an additional $2.7 million in funds for campus improvements.

Reaction to the final result has been mixed.

On a Facebook post from KATC TV-3 announcing the decision, several people criticized the plan, saying more needs to be done to enhance current classroom instruction, such as providing more sections of classes necessary for graduation. Some students have been forced to wait an entire year because such courses were only offered once per year or there were not enough sections offered in a semester for key classes.

Others say existing buildings are in dire need of repair or renovation.

Information provided at several planning sessions about the plan, though, say the money accumulated through the student fees will help pay for such repairs and renovations. But the plan will also help to accommodate the university's growing student body by providing a road map for the construction of new buildings and the renovations of already existing buildings.

The master plan also envisions a bicycle friendly campus, emphasizing the need to add bike lanes and paths and expand sidewalks. Some attention is also given to the university's athletics buildings.