Waking up this morning I see a news report that Sgt. Bowe  Bergdahl, who was recently released by the Taliban through a swap for five known terrorist was going to be returned to active duty. My first thought was WT?....my second thought was the lunatics are in charge of the lunatic asylum.

This man spent five years in alleged captivity of the Taliban and we swapped him for five know terrorists...even though men who served with him claim Bergdahl deserted his post and communicated with the Taliban before his disappearance. Supposedly he became disillusioned with the Army and America.

When he was returned to US custody he was transported to a military hospital in Germany where it was said he barely remembered how to speak English. Now this short time later some Army genius has decided he is fit for active duty. Even though it will be a desk job at Fort Sam Houston it is still a job in the same Army that it seems he deserted from. Once he is back on active duty an investigation will be conducted to determine if he should face a court martial for desertion, It seems to me that the investigation should be completed before he is returned to active duty. No telling what brainwashing took place while he was in custody of the Taliban. Who will take the blame if he returns to duty and decides to take out a platoon of soldiers? If he should go terrorist on us and decide to take out a school at Fort Sam Houston will it be declared terrorism or workplace violence?

Later today I saw that he may get $350,000 tax free! $200,000 in back pay and $150,000 if an ongoing probe determines he was a prisoner of war. But yet we have veterans dying because they can't get adequate health care. Makes me want to puke.

Yeah, I know I am being harsh and the investigation is on going BUT those who served with him are ready to testify that Bergdahl deserted and I think I believe them more than I believe him.

Luckily he will be doing active duty in a non-combat zone because he probably wouldn't last a week in a combat zone...all I'm saying.