South Louisiana has been hit with a disaster that history will long remember. As we shift into recovery mode, another threat lies down the road...theft.

Neighborhoods full of newly renovated houses will be a target rich environment for thieves. Many folks have shared lots of photos of their flood damage in social media, and will want to share the repair progress.

Thieves can literally map the interior of your home, using your photos. You can avoid that by changing some settings in your smartphone. Go to settings>>Location Services>>Camera & turn it off. That disables the GPS that hackers can use to pinpoint the exact location where the pictures are taken. Don't share photos with your street number in them. If you replace your car, don't share pictures that show the license plate.

If you get new TV's, computers, and/or stereo gear, don't put the boxes curbside. Take them to a dumpster. You don't need more trouble. God knows, you've been through enough.