Times are not great for many cities across the country as some have filed for bankruptcy, but that is not the problem with one town in Acadiana.  Youngsville has more money coming in from a tax for law enforcement than they can actually spend.  It's a one cent sales tax that goes to support the operations of the Youngsville Police Department.

Mayor Wilson Viator says he has a thought as to what to do with the money, as he plans to ask citizens of Youngsville to consider voting to let that money be used for other projects.

The one cent sales tax was given approval by the voters for law enforcement services back in 1981.  It was to be used only for those services.  The mayor says that the annual budget of the police department is not usually all used up by the needs of the department.  The tax on sales brings in about one and 1/2 million dollars every year, but the budget for the department very rarely ever calls for that much money.

Since 1981 the account is up to about 1.6 million dollars in extra money that is not being used right now.  Mayor Viator is hopeful that the council will vote to put the issue to voters on the November ballot.