If you are a typical Louisiana driver then you are more than likely spending more than $1,100 too much on your car insurance. A new report suggests that not only do drivers in the Bayou State have some of the highest insurance rates in the nation. We also overpay for coverage when we don't necessarily need to pay that much for it.

This startling revelation was revealed in a report by Gabi. Gabi is an insurance comparison website and app. In their report, Gabi analyzed data from over 130,000 drivers from across the nation. The analysis took into consideration driver type, the amount of coverage and other factors to conclude that Louisiana drivers are overpaying for their car insurance by an average of $1,159.

How could you reduce the cost of your car insurance? The answer is quite simple, shop around. The Gabi report findings have been echoed by the Louisiana Department of Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon. 

Commissioner Donelon has gone on record multiple times encouraging Louisiana residents to seek multiple quotes before deciding on coverage. Unfortunately, most of us don't do that because it's time-consuming and let's face it dealing with insurance agents can often be an unpleasant experience.

So you have to ask yourself, is spending a little time on the phone or exchanging emails or even face to face with an insurance salesperson worth $1,100 to you? That's a call that only you can make.

And truth be told, most of the insurance agents I've dealt with in Louisiana are genuinely helpful and not as pushy as you might think they are. Remember, they want your business and it's up to you to make them earn it.



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