If there was ever a day you might think about being superstitious, Friday the 13th would be that day. We always associate this day with bad luck. But have you ever asked yourself, why do we do that? Or a better question, why do we continue to do that when we actually know better? 

Well in writing this article I found that at least one of my beliefs about luck and being lucky was totally off base. That belief was that we all know better. The fact is on most of these superstitions not only do we not know why we are superstitious, but we also haven’t the foggiest how the tradition started.  

For the most part, superstitions were made up to explain things that earlier civilizations couldn't explain. Just as stories were made up by Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans to explain the rising of the sun, the reasons for the stars, the changes in the seasons, and why we fall in love, so too superstitions have their place.

But they shouldn't rule your logical mind. I understand having a good luck charm for card night. Or, maybe you always wear a certain jersey when the Saints play the Falcons. Those actions make you feel more connected to your mindset and the space you're in, that's all.

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So for all the times you’ve avoided a crack because you love your mother, you will now know how all that got started. 

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 You will also learn why you should never let a certain insect in your house but you should enjoy this bug when outside. 

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You will also come to understand why a certain color is very seldom featured inside many buildings. But the reason it was shunned had nothing to do with style or fashion.  

What you will learn is the following: 

13 Unlucky Things and Why They Are Considered to be Unlucky