Weird News

California Man Lives Undetected In Chicago Airport For Months
According to reports, a man from California was able to live inside of a secured area at the O'Hare International Airport for three months. The man kept fed thanks to passengers giving him food and utilized a stolen ID from an airport manager to fly under the radar.
Large Planes Fly Low Over Lafayette - Residents Keep Watch
In recent weeks, massive plane sightings have become a frequent occurrence around Acadiana. In the past couple of days, there has been a military plane conducting exercises in the area and the people of Lafayette have made sure to get their cameras out this time.
Angola Guard Caught Attempting To Smuggle Contraband
Reports are saying that a corrections officer at the Louisiana State Penitentiary has been booked into jail after attempting to smuggle contraband into Angola. Included in the contraband was a slew of items including cell phones, video games, and tobacco products.
Dallas Restaurant Owner Lashes Out On Customers For Twerking
A Dallas restaurant has been the talk of the internet after the owner was filmed addressing his patrons for twerking in the dining area. Many are saying that the owner went too far with his yelling and ranting, while others are happy with the way the business owner took control over his restaurant.

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