The 2012  sugarcane harvest is nearly completed and things are looking up.  Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Jim Simon, General Manager of the American Sugar Cane League said the harvest is nearly finished and the final numbers will be good.  Simon said,

We'll be finishing up the 2012 harvest in the next seven days or so with some local mills already closed.  What's left in the fields today near roads is the best of the crop which usually gets harvested last.

When asked about the status of the Farm Bill, Simon replied,

The fiscal cliff legislation that was passed on New Year's Day had an extension to the Farm Bill.  We had proposed a five year Farm Bill that didn't make it through Congress but a one year extension was passed so we soon will have to begin the process again to try to get a five-year Farm Bill through Congress.

Listen to the interview:

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