Whether you are planning to pack up a Toyota 4Runner with everything you need to go camping for the weekend or with as many of your child's soccer friends that you can, this vehicle is versatile enough for any adventure you might want to tackle.

The spacious 4Runner seats five, and in city you will get 17 miles of travel per gallon, and the rate pumps up to 21 miles when you head out on the highway.

This vehicle is great for traversion everything that Louisiana has to offer. Order up a rack for the top of the vehicle, and you can see every waterway in Acadiana in your kayak.

If you're planning a trip across the state to check out haunted houses, the 4Runner will take you and your friends along in comfort.

Prices start at just $34,910, and there are plenty in stock with multiple options and packages at Hampton Toyota on Johnston Street.

Check out below to find out more about how it runs:


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