According to the American Gaming Association, 1-in-6 viewers of the Super Bowl will have money on the game, with 52 percent betting on the Rams, and 48 percent betting on the Patriots.  AGA spokesperson Sara Slane said that means there’s plenty of money up for grabs this Sunday.

“23 million Americans will wager a staggering $6 billion on this year’s Super Bowl.  To put that into perspective, Americans will bet around the same amount on this one event that they bet legally in all of 2018,” said Slane.

Legislation is likely to be introduced this year to have sports betting legalized in Louisiana.  Slane said across the nation, eight out of ten people support the legalization of sports betting in their state.

“This an all-time high. An overwhelming majority of Americans, 63%, support the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down the federal ban,” said Slane.

Currently, sports betting is legal in eight states.  Two of the states that legalized sports betting last year, Mississippi and Rhode Island, have introduced bills to fully legalize wagering via mobile devices.

“State legislatures clearly recognize that in order to bring consumers into the legal, regulated market, they need to offer convenient access,” said Slane.

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