If you have been considering building a box garden at your home or office, here are the nine steps to make it perfect.

Having a box garden instead of an in-ground garden has a few benefits:

  • If you need to remove the garden, you haven't disturbed the earth under the box
  • You can build the garden high enough to make it easier to tend; less back-breaking
  • When tending to the lawn (cutting the grass, trimming) the clippings won't end up in the garden
  • The box provides good drainage, assuming you've used the proper soil
  • The box serves as a deterrent to grasses and weeds that "creep" from the lawn
  • The box serves as a deterrent to many of the bugs that don't fly (slugs, snails, caterpillars, etc)

Building a box garden (or a garden box, depending on which side of I-10 you are from) has some upfront expense, but if done properly, it should last several years.



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