Real Food Ready To Eat Meal From Rouse's Helps You Lose Weight
Diets do not work. Research from the Diabetes Council confirms that two out of every five people on a diet quit in the first 7 days. Diets are tough to stick to, especially in South Louisiana. So what if you could enjoy a tasty meal, already prepared, low in carbs high in taste and is relatively …
Product Guarantees You'll Feel At LEAST 50% Better From Hangover
In Louisiana, we'll party at the drop of a hat and somebody's always got a hat. The problem with too much of a good time is the hangover the next morning. There is a new OTC product that for the first time in history, guarantees that you will feel at least 50% better from a hangover.
Inaugural Downtown Snowball Festival Is Saturday
The "dog days" of summer get pretty brutal in south Louisiana. Temperatures routinely peak in the mid & upper 90's, with heat indices over the 100 degree mark. Folks all over search for a way to cool down. Snowballs are an Acadiana favorite...

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