One thing I love about South Louisiana is that we really do come together and often help out the ones we know when they need help.

Often that comes in the form of a friendship that was formed years ago, or in recent years.

Like tires on your vehicle, everyone needs good friends, so don't let anyone fool you. Friends are always ready to help when you are in need and they will always be there for you when you need someone to speak to.

So, a few days ago I needed help at home with something that broke, and I called a friend who specializes in the issue I was having and he was there in a "flash." Because of our friendship, my issue was quickly resolved and it just reminded me how fortunate I am to have someone I can count on.

Let's take a quick look at the type of friends you need if you live in Louisiana. Hint, the more diverse your circle of friends list is, the better off you will be when you are in need.

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Let's start with some fun. Everyone here needs a friend that is into sports, as much as you may be. You don't have to cheer or support the same team, but so many of us love sports here, it would be nice to have friends over to watch whatever sport you're invested in.

Just don't ever let a game ruin the friendship.


Secondly, for those of us who drive our own vehicle, you shoulld expect to have mechanical issues with your vehicle as it ages. Having a friend who is a mechanic or technican will be in your favor when you have an issue with your vvehicle.

They could also save you a lot of money and time without.


Speaking from the persepctive of someone who does not own a truck, you will need a truck one day and a friend with a truck is a great asset.

Whether its to move something or haull something, a friend with a reliable truck is a must. Believe me, I've made many calls to freinds with trucks when it came to to moving things.


The next friend everyone needs is a good "Handyman." Having someone in your inner circle that can fix things is such a conveince. Some of my best friends have their own business and they can fix just about anything around the house. I've relied on them in the most opportune of times and they always answer the call.

Sure, you should pay their services, but the advantage to having a friend who can address issues you're having at home is a plus when it comes to needing the problem resollved in a short period of time (like when a washing machine or dishwasher stops working).


Having a friend that is an attorney is also a huge plus. As you get older you may need legal advise and to be able to pick up the phone and call a friend that knows the law is a huge advantage.

Don't just rely on freinds who think they know the law (social media attorneys) when it comes to contracts or other legal documents/issues. A friend who is a lawyer can save you a lot of time and money.


Let's talk about cooking. Sure, most here in South Louisiana know how to cook, and cook well. However, not everyone cooks well and having a friend who can cook a good rice and gravy is a conveince.

I have friends who will pay the grocery bill as long as someone else preps and cooks the meal. So, if you know who to cook, let your friends know, it can even be to your advantage.

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We all know how hot it gets in the the deep south during the summer months and when you AC unit goes out it can be miserable. Well, when you have a good friend on speed dial, your discomfort may not be long-lived.

Someone who can work on your central unit when it's down and work on it quickly will save you some very hot/long nights in your house.

I have a few close friends who work on AC units and they have saved my family and me many times, in the middle of a hot summer evening.


Lastly, if you have a friend with a pool consider yourself lucky. A friend with a pool should be on evevryone's radar. Not only does a pool allow for you to cool down during the summer, it is also a great setting for fun and some relaxation.

Friends of mine with pools tell me that they have more friends during the summer than they ever knew. And I know why.

Disclaimer: If your friends answer your calls when you need, you should do likewise. Be there for your friends and they will always be there for you.

It's not really a complicated life skilll.

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