Dr. Gerd Wuestemann, Executive Director of the Acadiana Center for the Arts visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and highlighted some of the scheduled events at the Center.


When asked how the ACA managed to secure such a star-studded lineup for this season Wuestemann said,

We start booking usually a year out so we plan carefully and try to attract the best and brightest.  Sometimes we jump on opportunities, one of which I'll talk about today, that's when Roseanne Cash came across our path.  It was a huge opportunity to do a double-bill with her, which we've never done before.

The aim of the ACA is not just to provide musical entertainment for adults.  According to Dr. Wuestemann,

One of the big missions at ACA is to feed all of our community.  In other words we have things for the little ones, we have things like the Met Opera broadcast from New York City, we do a whole spectrum of theater and dance and any kind of music you can imagine.

To further illustrate the point of diversity at the ACA Wuestemann said,

Starting in about an hour this morning and again tomorrow morning we have performance for school kids that will be bussed in with a show called 'Earth's Dinosaur Zoo'.  It's a company from Australia.  They do very imaginative things with giant dinosaur puppets and marionettes and live acting.  It's very much learning based.  In addition to the morning performances family shows are tonight and tomorrow night at 6:30.

In addition to the performances mentioned above, other performances include:

  • Cinema on the Bayou on January 26th
  • The Broadway Boys on Thursday January 30th
  • Social Animal by Glo on Friday January 31st
  • The Pat Metheny Group on Tuesday February 18th
  • Roseanne Cash, March 8th and March 9th

To purchase tickets, see the complete schedule of performances or get more information visit the Acadiana Center for Arts website.

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