The law enforcement members in Acadia Parish are trying to find a man who is accused of carjacking someone.

Officials with Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers say they are hoping to find one of the two men alleged to have committed the crime.

Deputies are looking for "Lil Kel" after they say he was one of two people that carjacked the car they were riding in. The two suspects and the victims were all in the same car together when officials say that crime happened.

Police call this an isolated incident, but they are hoping by featuring as part of Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers that someone will come forward with information that will lead to the arrest of "Lil Kel".

Photo Courtesy of Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers

Detectives say that the crime happened at around 9 o'clock on the night of Sunday, April 19.

They say the crime happened on Golf Course Road which is right near the community of Branch.

What they do know about "Lil Kel" right now is that he likely from the Church Point area which is also where the stolen car turned up after the carjacking.

They describe him as being a black male who is about 19-years-old. They say the young man has a light complexion.

They are hoping that someone will call the Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers line at 337-789-TIPS(8477). When you call the Crime Stoppers line, you don't have to tell the person who answers anything about you.

There is also another way that you can give authorities information anonymously on the whereabouts of "Lil Kel" and that is by downloading and using the P3 app on your phone.