Just because Hurricane Dorian is no longer a Category 5 monster doesn't mean it won't be inflicting more damage, pain, and suffering on those in its path the next several days. The latest information from the National Hurricane Center suggests that Dorian will continue to impact the east coast of the U.S. for at least the next several days.

Meanwhile, in the Bahamas, the storm has already done its damage and that is where there is a major humanitarian need for medicines, food, and clean drinking water. One Louisiana family knows the devastation first hand. In fact, they're sending a private aircraft to the Bahamas to bring home a family member that was injured during Dorian's wrath on the island nation.

The Diocese of Lafayette is joining other Catholic relief charities in hopes of bringing and aid and comfort to those who've been affected or will be affected by this storm.

Bishop  J Douglas Deshotel of the Diocese of Lafayette issued this statement yesterday.

I join the entire Catholic Community of the Diocese of Lafayette in expressions of sadness for the countless numbers of people suffering from the effects of Hurricane Dorian. As residents of south Louisiana, we have had similar challenges with hurricanes. Let us offer our prayers for the many victims, especially those in the Bahamas, who have lost their lives, families or homes. I ask every Catholic church parish to include a special petition in the Prayers of the Faithful for their intention

Bishop Deshotel also urged the faithful to make meaningful donations to aid in the recovery from the storm.

We echo the sentiments of the Bishop. We encourage you to support charitable organizations offering relief to storm victims here in the United States and abroad. At times like this, we truly need to become citizens of a united world focused solely on the care and comfort of those who truly need our help.


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