The Diocese of Lafayette has released a statement regarding the use of masks at its schools.

According to KADN News15, The Diocese of Lafayette's statement said that the use of face masks will be mandatory at all of its schools.

The story quotes Bishop Douglas Deshotel as saying that he is aware that there is an argument over whether masks should be mandated by the government and, though he is respectful of other's opinions, he feels that the masks are necessary for the health and safety of all in the Diocese.

The schools run by the Diocese of Lafayette are private entities and, therefore, not "governed" by the same rules/regulations as the public schools and facilities. This means that the Diocese of Lafayette can set its own parameters when it comes to ensuring the safety of those under its care.

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Bishop Deshotel goes on to reiterate that the decision is being based on what the Diocese feels would keep its students, faculty, staff, and administrators safest in this time of a pandemic. He also says that he hopes that the parents will not only understand but will also comply with the mandate.

The public schools in Acadiana fall under the regulations set forth by the State of Louisiana and by local school boards. Earlier this week, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards implemented a mask mandate for everyone aged 5 and up while indoors, and that includes schools. All students, faculty, support staff, administrators, and parents (while on campus) must wear masks to be within the guidelines of the mask mandate.

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