Louisiana High School football is reaching the height of its season after a successful start across the state. While Catholic High of Baton Rouge was scheduled to face Woodlawn, the Acadiana High Rams have stepped in to fill the game that would have been lost due to COVID-19 concerns.

The news was posted to Twitter by @FarmbroughAdv and you can see the information below

These two powerhouse schools are sure to provide an electric performance and many high school football lovers are rejoicing online.

There is something special about high school football in South Louisiana. Teams have legacies to defend and bragging rights to uphold across the state.

As the colder "football weather" begins to settle in across the South, the excitement of these young athletes competing against one another sends all of the chills up high school football fans arms.

Best of luck to both teams this weekend as they face off in Baton Rouge at Memorial Stadium.


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