The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is reminding residents that even though it is summer, crooks don't take any time off.

Summer is a time when many people take a vacation, but the BBB reminds you that it can be easy to fall prey to deals that sound too good to be true.

Some of the scams the Better Business Bureau has had complaints about over the years include:

  • Fake timeshare rentals
  • Falsely promised Disney vacations
  • Fake travel agents
  • Fake travel websites

During the summer months, many families decide to move, and unlicensed movers along with dishonest scammers are just waiting to take advantage of people who are moving.  The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana advised you to always research any company you plan to hire and make sure that you get a review from the Better Business Bureau at

The BBB also reminds you to get an estimate in writing for any work that you are having done.

Another scam to be aware of during the summer months is door-to-door sales.  The BBB points out that there are many legitimate companies that use door-to-door sales, but they follow the rules of the city and parish.

Watch for unscrupulous individuals who:

  • Try to work their way around the system to line their pocket py pushing high pressure sales
  • Don't offer their terms in writing
  • Want you to sign a contract that has an open-ended completion date or blank spaces

You can find out more about scams and sign up for scam alerts at BBB Scam Stopper (